What is a chiptuning?

What is a chiptuning?

chiptuning is an electronic device wich modifies performances of your car (common car or other type of vehicle) in power, speed, torque and consumptions.

The main reason why you may to install a chiptuning in your car is that you are not satisfied of many factors during daily driving:

  • Slow overtakes
  • Frequenlty gear's changes
  • Slow departures
  • Loss of power during towing or with the air conditioner on
  • Turbo lag and power voids
  • Speed decrease in ascending routes
  • High consumptions

Despite all you have to weigh the pros and cons between the use of a chiptuning and a remapping, But if you are looking for ease of management and versatility you will have to opt for the first choice.

Specifically, the chiptuning works bypassing the ECU of your car, allowing you to modify the behavior of your car without interfering with the original systems in the car. This way, you can go directly to the yield at your own pace within the engine tolerance limits (the ChiptuningSuper control units are equipped with a SafeEngine system to ensure the safety of your engine).

Basically, chiptunings are distinguished by the various types of motors on which they are to be installed (eg common rail diesel, etc ...); in fact, ChiptuningSuper is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of chiptuning for common rail diesel engines.

The installation of a chiptuning is very simple and with it there is everything you need (manual for your car, fixing kit, original connectors for your engine). In 10 minutes you will be able to test yourself the benefit that this device can bring to you.

There are many sellers on the web that offer products at unsurpassed prices at the expense of product quality with the risk of damaging the car. ChiptuningSuper offers the 15 day money back guarantee or reimbursement in addition to the standard 2-year warranty.