Chip tuning or Remap? Pros and cons

Rimappatura o Centralina aggiuntiva? Vantaggi e svantaggi

Chip tuning or Remap? In the world of tuning, there is a constant discussion of "better an additional chip tuning" or "better remap". If you decide to choose a remap or a chiptuning, it's important to understand what the pros and cons of each is so you choose consciously without being dissatisfied at the end. Having already talked about "What is an additional control unit?", let's analyze a moment the Remap.

What is a remap

A remap is a modification (or overwrite) of parameters on your car's ECU.
In practice, it acts directly on the original vehicle unit so that it overwrites the original parameters of the home base with those that an expert and specialized technician set up following your directions. Basically, there are 2 types of remaps:

  • The first, more traditional, is to modify the components directly on the device by "physically", thus tampering with the car's control unit and makes decay, if still in force, the guarantee of the car.
  • The second one is defined as serial and the modification of the original parameters is done through a software and a computer. Needless to say, this is an operation that must absolutely be carried out by experienced personnel with proper instrumentation. However, many automakers decide to provide their own car blocks and systems that prevent this type of approach (also known as anti-tuning), thus preventing parameter changes.

If you are able to work with remapping, you will certainly have significant improvements in terms of power or consumption (depending on your needs), but the opposite is that once it is changed it is very difficult to return to the original settings, if not nearly impossible using a traditional remapping. In fact, you must always consider that the modification of the original control unit is, as described above, a real tamper and therefore everything that concerns the car warranty goes down.

It is also necessary to consider economic and temporal factors; remap may take quite some time and even several visits from your technician to best work. From an economic point of view, remapping does not have a low cost and can range from 200-300 euros (if you're lucky) to climb.


  • Possibility of changing each sensor and parameter for a great yield


  • Cost fairly high
  • Unable to go back when done
  • Long time between preparation and visits by the technician
  • Maneuver and loss of the original vehicle warranty
  • Necessity of very experienced staff

What changes with a chiptuning?

Whit a chiptuning, and most of all with a ChiptuningSuper, the approach changes totally. In fact, all the factors that do not positively affect setting up and installation of the device are removed, while maintaining the vehicle warranty. But be careful, not all the manufacturers of chiptunings units are the same; Many people use poor or non-conforming materials by spending cheap products for a few euros (ChiptuningSuper guarantees you 15 days satisfied or refunded in addition to the standard product warranty of 2 years). Making a further evaluation then:


  • Cost less than a remapping
  • Easy installation in 10 minutes (with included manual and original connectors)
  • No need to go by a specialized technician, you can do it all by yourself (and our assistance is available for any doubt)
  • Specification for your car and compatible with all systems present (ChiptuningSuper's SafeEngine system works within engine tolerance limits)
  • The guarantee of your car remains unaltered
  • Possibility to set mappings and default levels and compatible with your engine
  • You can return to the original settings of your car simply by switching off or disconnecting your chiptuning.


  • Impossible to set each sensor directly on the original control unit

So why should I choose an chiptuning?

If you have read so far, you will certainly understand that the factors in favor of a chiptuning are certainly greater than a remap; Whether you are a person who wants that "something more" from his car to be in performance or lower consumption, if you want the possibility of a technologically advanced and versatile solution to comfortably return to the original settings of your car without any risk and In total security, then a ChiptuningSuper add-on is what's best for you. What are you waiting for? Just choose the perfect remote control model for your car.